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Former WNBA Player, Author, Entrepreneur, Women’s and Youth Advocate, and Community Activist, Sonia Chase founded Chase Your Dreams Incorporated initially to help players develop elite basketball skills and prepare them for next-level opportunities. However, during her life experiences as a professional basketball player in the WNBA and abroad, she realized there was something much BIGGER than basketball…LIFE! So, she decided to utilize her pro basketball career as the “hook” to get the attention of youth and provide motivational speaking seminars as an Ambassador of good will.


As a result, Ms. Chase found her passion in helping youth to set goals, improve character development, and discover a sense of purpose through her 4D: Strong Testimony!


Over the past 10 years, Chase Your Dreams Incorporated has become one of leading companies to provide schools, colleges, universities, and churches a solid motivational message to inspire, motivate, and encourage all youth to chase their dreams in life.


Ms. Chase is available to speak at promotional ceremonies, graduations, sports banquets, birthday celebrations, team practices, church functions, and much more!


Her message is simple: BE 4D: STRONG!